How will COVID 19 affect the sector?

Studies have shown that the sector will need at least eight months to recover 50% of its business activity, which will mainly result in staff reductions that will limit management capacity, making it difficult to maintain the number of properties being managed.
In addition, the feeling of insecurity of guests will force a strict compliance with the recommendations of the WHO in this regard and the new legislation.


Learn how mobile key can help you.


How can mobile key help me?


Mobile Key is a very powerful tool to reduce costs, since guests can access their apartments autonomously using their mobile phones, allowing us to manage the same number of apartments, with a much smaller team.

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How can STAYmyway's new Key Box help you?

We are aware of the great challenge facing the sector, with unprecedented levels of liquidity, which is why we are launching a new product that is just as powerful as our intelligent locks, but more affordable.

The new STAYmyway Key Box Kit allows guests to open the door of the building with their mobile phone and access their apartment with the keys inside the Keybox, which is anchored to the apartment door and can be opened with their mobile phone and a numerical code.




'99 $


4.750 kits

*The Key Box Kit, includes everything you need for 99.99 $ with a monthly fee of 10 $ per month per apartment , which includes the entire suite of STAYmyway software, shipping costs are not included.

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What does the new STAYmyway Key Box Kit include?


Key Box:

The Key Box allows you to leave the keys of your apartment safely inside, so that your guests can pick them up and use them during their stay. You can open the Key Box with your mobile phone or with a unique numeric code for each reservation



The STAYmyway Air connects all your devices to the cloud for remote openings, opening history and low battery warnings in real time.



The STAYmyway Incom, allows you to activate the intercom of your apartment and open the door of the building without having to ask permission from the residents' association to install it, since it is installed inside your apartment.

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How do I install the STAYmyway Key Box Kit?


STAYmyway Key Box:

It can be installed in three different ways:
- On the door’s spy hole
- With the safety ring.
- Mounting it to the door


STAYmyway Air:

Plug it in and connect it to the apartment's wifi, if you choose the 4G SIM card or Narrow Band version you will not need to configure it.


STAYmyway Incom:

It does not require any wiring or connections, simply clean the surface by sticking it to the intercom with the sticker thats been provided.


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How does it work?

Your guests will manage their entire stay from the STAYmyway app, which will allow them ti perform all the steps and processes necessary to have a safe, autonomous and 100% legal experience:

- Conduct reservation payments
- Check in* and those of guests.
- Access the apartment and building complex 
- Have all of the information of the apartment.
- Reserve experiences and tickets.
- Learn about the neighborhood.
- Chat via WhatsApp and Facebook
- Notifications

The most complete, secure and reliable app on the market with a 84% download rate, which is complemented by the STAYmyway Managers app, which allows you to control the main functionalities of the system from your Smartphone.

Learn more about STAYmyway's  Key Box Kit


STAYmyway launches its new Virtual Reception

We will take care of the reception of your guests and their check-ins for you, you simply have to tell us what time you need us to cover and we will do it with the best service and price, we can even do it 24/7 year-long, without exception and in multiple languages

Available since the first of June.

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